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The Digital Age is not what you think?

There is no common understanding as to what people mean when they use the term ‘digital’. For some it is simply another name for IT. For others, it’s just an antonym for analogue. In this presentation,we see that the digital age is much more than the industrial era amped up on tech steroids. And much

Riding the waves of a disruptive world

Dawna Jones is author of Decision Making for Dummies and an organisational and decision designer specialising in dealing with VUCA problems in organisations (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous). In particular Dawna leads “From Insight to Action”, helping individuals, teams and organisations escape from tramline thinking that can become embedded into business cultures. We engaged in a

Disrupt Yourself!

Personal disruption is the act of using a practice employed by companies — wherein a product deemed inferior by the market leader (Amazon v. Borders, Uber v. Yellow Cab) eventually upends the industry — and applying it to the individual. Disruption has the power to transform organizations, communities, and well, the world — but it doesn’t

Five Innovation Lessons

I’m delighted to have been invited to present a masterclass and some leadership coaching sessions to innovation leaders at Innovation Mauritius on 26 October. Mauritius’ economy is diverse, with significant activity in agriculture, tourism, telecoms and financial services, as a result of a forward-looking Government and an international focus. The conference brings together World innovators, industry practitioners, business leaders, policy makers,

Improvisation and Innovation

In an age of continuous (and discontinuous) change,it is generally agreed by business academics that an organisation’s best defence against extinction is to become a Learning or Agile Organisation. Continuous learning and agility requires creativity and improvisation skills to face new situations. I was recently reminded by a client that, over 20 years of practice,

Leading Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise

Nearly 30 years ago, Fred Moody and Bill Gates recognised that the basis of competitive advantage had fundamentally shifted from the agrarian age to the industrial era to the information superhighway, when it was commented that Microsoft’s only factory asset is the human imagination. The corresponding shift is from what Icall Brawn Based Industries (BBIs)

The Impact of the Digital Revolution on Leadership

Today, workplaces are undergoing a digital revolution which is helping to transform entire industries and forcing companies to change the way they operate. Digitisation has the potential to increase productivity and efficiency, while also improving communication, and remote working is no longer an exception but an expectation. However, in addition to the transformation of the

How to apply Lean Management in your organisation

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts Lean is more than a method of managing an organization to increase overall organizational productivity and process efficiency, reduce lead time and costs, or improve the quality of its products or services. Lean is a commitment to achieve a totally waste-free operation that’s focused on