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Meet the Organization and Leadership Mentor Mr. Frank Lewski

1. Why did you want to work as an OD consultant? I first became interested in the field when I was doing research at AT&T Bell Laboratories. The research project was aimed at determining the factors that differentiated exceptional software development teams from average software development teams. In short, the research determined that the differentiators

An Interview with CEO and Chairman of Strategic Decisions Group Dr. Carl S Spetzler

1. How did you arrive at running SDG? What path brought you here?Who was the biggest influence in your career? I joined a program that had been created by Professor Ronald Howard at Stanford and Dr. James Matheson at SRI International (at that time the Stanford Research Institute and part of Stanford University) in 1968.

Interview with CEO of GiveLight Foundation Ms. Dian Alyan

1. Tell us about yourself. I’m an American Muslimah with Indonesian heritage.  I came to America to pursue a career and to grow in the Corporate World. I had a yearning to prove myself, to channel my intellectual curiosity and to travel the world.  My work at Procter & Gamble fulfilled this yearning for many years as I

Dr. Paul G. Stoltz on the Application of Grit And Resilience in the Business

  Where did you get the idea of starting new consultancy business from? From experiencing mediocrity, and the frustration of having my and others’ time wasted learning stuff that didn’t really enrich our lives or equip us for success. I sensed there was something more. When I found it, I tested it. When it proved

Interview with Bestselling Author, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Life Leadership Mr. Orrin Woodward

Orrin Woodward is founder and Chairman of the Board of Life Leadership. He is also a New York Times bestselling author with over a million books sold in six languages. Mr. Woodward has years of entrepreneurial experience and a lot to tell us. He recently shared some great things with us in an exclusive interview with MILE

Exclusive Interview with Dr Mohamed Moustafa Mahmoud – “Madinah as a Centre Knowledge”

Interview with Dr Mohamed Moustafa Mahmoud, Executive Director of Madinah Institute of Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILE), Knowledge Economic City, Madinah, Saudi Arabia. Details: IAIS Malaysia originated in the thoughts and ideas of its patron, Tun Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi, the Former Prime Minister of Malaysia, on the civilisational renewal of Islam. Based in Kuala Lumpur,