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Digital Transformation in Sales: Welcome to Social Selling

US, sales professionals, tend to jump on the telephone or send an email to targets when we feel the need to prospect for new clients – or our director is on our ear asking us to update our pipeline on the CRM. Today our potential clients may not be ready when we are willing to

3 Massive Mistakes to Avoid that will Boost your Sales

Relationships underpin everything that we do, if you want to be a good leader, you must be in relationship with your people, if you want to work in a successful team, you must be in relationship with your team members and if you want to make more sales you absolutely must be in relationship with

Trust & Value: How to Sell in Brutally Competitive Markets

Is relationship selling dead? For the past few years, many so-called sales experts have been saying, “yes.” In 2016, the argument goes, people are simply too overwhelmed for relationship-based selling to be effective. What is relationship selling? It’s the theory that customers put so much value in the positive interaction with a company or company

Learn The Art of Caring Behavior to Attract Potential Clients

These days it seems like good customer service is a lost art. Many employees don’t seem to know what makes good customer service. Workers seem to take customers for granted. They are either rude, crude, or ignore the customer all together. This may be one of the reasons brick and mortar stores are having such

How to Harness the Power of the New Economy for Profit

When talking about Harnessing the Power of The New Economy for Profit, it is fundamental to discuss four critical areas of understanding. What is the Relationship Economy? How do you build Social Currency through the use of Social Media? What is Big Data and how can we use it? The power of a Vision and

How to Dominate Google Using Social Media

The world is constantly changing and the way we do business is also changing with it. Gone are the days when extensive marketing campaigns on television, newspapers and magazines would do the trick for you. Today, you have to develop a totally different marketing strategy focusing on Social Media and Google for driving traffic to

Profits Through Compassion! Is It Possible?

Many people, especially business owners and HR executives are of the opinion that compassion has nothing to do with business. They argue that they will be harming shareholders’ interests by doing business compassionately. To some, it is possible but a tough task to accomplish. Yet there are some who cannot even think about introducing compassion

Connect With Your Client

You cannot take any relationship for guaranteed in today’s fast paced business relationship. Only those organizations that tend to carefully choose customers to do business with will succeed. These are the organizations that believe in building deep and long lasting relationships with the “right fit” customers. They also help their customers to succeed by discovering