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Stop Workplace Drama

A Sneak Peak An overview of the Stop Your Drama Methodology The Premises The Language The Concepts The Principles The Endorsements No Complaints | No Excuses | No Regrets Download Presentation Soft CopyWatch All Webinars Videos What is Drama? In the book, drama is defined as any obstacle to your peace or prosperity. Lots of

Do You Know & Use Appreciative Capacity Building?

Capacity building can occur at the individual level or at the group level. At the individual level, the goal is to help people build their skills and become high performing and successful in their work. At the team or organizational level, it is to build high performing, successful teams, organizations and other groups. Appreciative capacity

How To Systematically Beat Competition

Operational excellence is about improving faster than competition. A lot of companies both in manufacturing and services, old and new companies are obtaining advantages over competitors thanks to applying operational excellence. From companies like Nestle to Swiss Airlines or Alibaba, operational excellence has delivered outstanding results driving those companies to the leadership of their industries.

How To Optimize Dynamic Supply Chain Performance

Supply chain optimization is one of the most neglected aspects of management.  Advanced management offers opportunities to generate substantial and sustainable performance improvements. Prevailing understandings of supply chains have evolved from simple distribution logistics to include earlier and later stages of product and service life cycles.  However, supply chain performance and its optimization offer significant

DS100: Top 100 Companies of the Muslim World & Global Impact

The global population of the Muslims is estimated to be 1.65 billion out of which 1.2 billion Muslim live in the Muslim World or Organization of Islamic Conferences (OIC) region. The OIC represents 57 Muslim majority countries stretching from Morocco in the West to the Indonesia in the East. All the countries are blessed with

Exponential Growth Strategies of the USA’s INC 500 Leaders

The speaker Sam Palazzolo started the webinar by explaining what are the In.500 companies. The Inc.500 is prestigious group of companies that have achieved remarkable success in their respective fields in United States. Companies from all sectors that are manufacturing, Auto industry, technology, consumer products, advertising and textile etc. are included in this group. They

Organizational Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

A lot of organizations fail to achieve their primary and secondary goals. Many people associate this failure to the lack of strategy or execution in case the strategy is there.  But, is the lack of organizational culture equally responsible for organizations failing to achieve their targets? There is no denying of the fact that strategy

Don’t be a Parrot -Think Why Not What!

After World War II, some South Pacific islandians transformed a practice and lost focus on the principle behind it. Practices for planning multi-million dollar portfolios, programmes, projects, releases or sprints without understanding the principles behind collaborative agility is one of the core curse on failed projects. Download Presentation Soft CopyWatch All Webinars Videos We share