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Top Tips for Protecting Your Staff and Your Business from Workplace Incident

When you run a business, no matter the size of your team, it is your responsibility to do everything you can to keep your workers safe from harm. While you might think that only people working in the “riskier” industries, such as construction, agriculture, transportation, forestry, and manufacturing, might have something to worry about, the

To be or not to be in Business after a Crisis

Business continuity management is often mistakenly thought of as a cost to business rather an essential investment in your business’s ‘survivability’. Swiss RE reported in 2015 worldwide losses expected to reach USD$ 85 B with approximately 26,000 deaths and insured losses estimated USD$32B. Some of the biggest disasters in 2015 included: Download Presentation Soft CopyWatch

Risk Culture Building – The Future of Risk Management

The Risk Culture Building is one of the most talked about concepts in the business world nowadays. Many companies are spending a lot of time and money on formulating and implementing a correct risk management strategy either informally or formally in the shape of certain systems, policies and processes that everyone working in that organization