Five Ways To Lead From Your Leadership Legacy

“When you listen you learn when you share you educate.”
Stephen Hobbs

Legacy is the “useful whats” you gift others so they can learn something from your live experience.


  • The“useful whats”are time, effort and money. It’s your use of them that highlights your legacy story.
  • When you consciously decide to gift these “useful whats”it’s an act of service.
  • When people watch, listen and feel your gifts theyin turn create something. In other wordsyou’re educating and influencing as you share your legacy story.
  • You gain knowledge and skill from what you see, feel and experience. That is, you acquire lived experience. And as you continue to live and work you edit (add, alter, delete) your knowledge and skills for your use. Therefore, whatever you demonstrate others watch, listen and feel. They summarize your legacy story.
  • Your knowledge and skills are outcomes of why, how and with whom you use your time, effort and money.
    • Are you demonstrating wise practices and sharing inspired standards in celebration of your leadership legacy and others’ learning-for-action?

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Legacy is for giving. It’s in you to share!
Stephen Hobbs

Four Branches of Legacy
Life … Leadership … Legal … Literacy

Leadership Legacy is more about leading than being called a leader.

To lead means you initiate the action(s) to cause a person to work with you.

Questions To Reflect on Your Leadership Legacy

  1. What reasons/past events guide how you lead today?
  2. What is your legacy story?
  3. In what ways do you express your leadership legacy?

Four Ways To Lead From Your Leadership Legacy

Step Up

  • Communicate from your commitments
  • Demonstrate courage in fulfilling your commitments
  • Share your Imagined Future as a point of reference

o   Legacy project: fulfill commitments

Stay Found

  • Remain present;create awareness of the whole
  • Demonstrate responsive listening and speaking
  • Improve and focus the interactions with those you work

o   Legacy project: group/team

Share Wisdom

  • Be and remain educative
  • Use mentoring and facilitating to engage and recognize
  • Help others to educate; in doing so, they help you manage and lead

o   Legacy project: mentoring

Shine Light

  • Celebrate the actions of others and yourself
  • Act in service: create experiences (which are customized services)
  • Share thanks and a smile as you pass by

o   Legacy project: illuminate the path

The Fifth Way To Lead From Your Leadership Legacy

Your Pathway

  • You have a simple and generic model by which you lead, make your decisions and take action.
  • This model hints at your leadership legacy approach.
  • When you use your model others gain clarity for consistent actions because you communicate from your commitments.
  • Without the model there is confusion. And a confused person does not take appropriate action.

Therefore, using an existing model or creating one is helpful to fully express your leadership legacy.

An example model is “Plan – Do – Check – Act.”


Another example is “Frame – Learn – Decide – Action – Outcomes.”

And a third possibility is “Step Up – Stay Found – Share Wisdom – Shine Light.”

What model do you use? Is it accessible for others to use?

Closing Thought
Each of the five ways used to lead from your leadership legacy are individually advantageous and practical. However,in combination, you amplify your legacy.  That is you fully express your leadership legacy.

These five ways are simple to enact. Yet, require patience, flexibility and discretion to sustain.

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