How to Build A High Performing Team

Building A High Performing Team is not rocket science but it requires a focused, persistent, consistent effort of utilizing best practices in all facets of your business.

According to a 2014 study of 295 international C- level executives conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit on behalf of Cross Knowledge, the survey showed that 88% of executives stated workforce development was a priority.

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The survey also showed that these executives also felt that workforce development is one the three major arguments to attract key talent.  The other two factors were compensation and workplace flexibility.

This Presentation How to Build A High Performing Team provides a blueprint to achieve this objective.

Successful companies are driven for consistent high-level performance buy consistently focusing on the best practices in every aspect of their business. They are relentless in the training and development of their knowledge workers. The leaders of the business demonstrate these best practices and the team members follow and resemble their behaviors.

Building a high performing team requires a mindset; methodology and consistency of practice will create a culture of success that will position the company for long-term success.



This webinar will provide the foundational elements of the best practices of high performing companies.  Join me as I share with you the 5 key steps to build a high performing team.

  1. Assessment of your business: Conducting a thorough assessment of your business against the top companies in your industry
  2. SWOT and GAP Analysis: Based on your assessment of best practices evaluate the effectiveness and opportunities of your business.
  3. Strategic Plan of Action (POA): Develop a strategic plan of action that establishes a foundation of key activities that position your company to be a high performing team
  4. Implementation of your Plan of Action: The successful implementation of your POA is essential. This webinar provides a very practical way forward.
  5. Measurement of your Plan of Action: Having a performance dashboard is the final key step in the process of building a high performing team.  Measuring the progress and success of your Strategic Plan of Action is essential to everyone on the team as every oar must be in the water to building a high performing team.

Building A High Performing Team can be achieved with the consistent implementation of these fundamental principles. Start your assessment today to being your journey to build a high performing team!

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