How to enjoy and succeed at work and life

1.FUEL FOR THE FIRE – glance back and see what you can do now, compared to your first day in your business.
2.HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE FUTURE? – feelings are important but we are not slaves to them; we can change how we feel about work and life.
3. THERE’S A “YOU” SHAPE – don’t compare yourself to others, but be the best you can be, you are amazing and bring something unique to the world through your work and life.
4. FIND YOUR PASSION – what do you love to do? Build that in your day. Let your enthusiasm make your days go better.
5. WORK HARD – sorry, but life isn’t instant, we all have to work hard to achieve. No exceptions.

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 6. FOCUS – cut out the distractions, focus on today’s task now and see the results.

time-management 7. PUSH THRU – we all have obstacles, you can push thru yours. Reward yourself when you do.
8. YOUR IDEAS ARE BRILLIANT – so let them flow, but write them down, your brain won’t remember them later. Capture your thoughts.
9. GET GOOD – practice doesn’t make perfect, but it is essential to success. Re-do and learn – don’t give up.
10. SERVE – success comes when we focus on other people’s points of view. How can we serve others in your business and life?
11. KEEP ON GOING – sometimes success comes just by keeping on going, you’ll get there if you keep on going and make adjustments as you do.
12. THE 3R’S – No-one’s perfect, but if we prioritize our relationships, everything else falls into place and we’ll have a happier life and more successful business too.

Back to the future…
Grab a nice card or posh piece of paper. Now, imagine having achieved your big goal. Maybe it’s the job or contract of your dreams. Imagine yourself there with your acceptance letter in hand and your family and friends around you; imagine a great day of celebration. Now, write as ‘you in the future’ on that day and write a note to yourself now, helping you to succeed.

Write something like this:

“I got here because I did this…”

“I made it because I did this, this and this…”

Writing a note to yourself is very powerful, as only you really know what you need to do at work or in your business to succeed.

Keep your note safe and private and when you are having a ‘not-so-good day’, have a look at it to spur you on!

How to feel more confident at work and in life everyday…
There are lots of crazy theories out there, but the following exercise has been scientifically proven to help the way we feel about our lives and work. Basically, it’s all about being grateful for what we’ve got, not what we haven’t got. Some people have called it ‘the attitude of gratitude’.

The other day I was in a carpet shop and I was chatting to the salesman about how nice it smells in his shop, new carpets are one of my favorite smells! But he told me he never even notices the smell anymore. We take lot of things in life for granted and just like the carpet smell, we can get used to these things and they just become part of our everyday lives. The trick is to be thankful for the stuff we often forget.

Things like a warm home, regular meals, a loving family, good friends, a bit of spending money etc. Give it a go…take a pen and write down things that you are grateful for under the headings on the next page.

Try and write a minimum of three for each one. You could even make this into a wall chart with blank bricks or do it with post-it notes.

For example in the row ‘family’, you might ask yourself ‘what are some good things about being in my family?’ Maybe your answers might be ‘feeling cared for’, ‘being provided with somewhere to live’.

(The fascinating book ‘59 seconds’ by Professor Richard Wiseman looks at the proven research on this subject.)

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