How to Make Teamwork Your Competitive Advantage

Thing that matters most to business leaders is the results. All the new business initiatives, strategies and plans are meant to produce the results they desire. If you analyze the unbelievable growth rate of companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple, you will realize that one thing they have in common is a great team. No matter how good your business strategy is and how you implement it, you cannot get good results if you don’t have good team members.

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Almost 100% of business leaders and executives want to have exceptionally good workers as part of their teams. Therefore, it is the duty of leaders to explore new methods or technologies to determine how to make their team work collectively and in turn improve its performance to achieve the common goals. This is very important because the way people team together can become the matter of survival for your organization.

As the following illustration suggests, teaming is the process that produces the best results for an organization over the course of time.

UntitledElements of Team Formation:

Dr. Janice Presser, CEO of Gabriel Institute, presents some very useful and practical elements of team formation and management in her webinar, “How to Make Teamwork your Competitive Advantage.” These elements are explained as under.

  • The first element of team formation is the Role which is person’s affinity for a specific mode of service to the team’s needs.
  • The second one is Coherence which can be explained as constructive, positive and flexible team behavior.
  • Teaming Characteristics is the third element which is expressed as individual style of relating and responding to others within a certain environment.
  • Role Respect is a very important element of teaming which compels people holding different positions and roles to respect each other.
  • Role- Fit means a person should be assigned responsibilities according to his aptitude and preferences.
  • Team-Fit means hiring such people and including such roles that can help the team attain ultimate goals.

Developing a Great Team:

It is never easy, no matter how good a leader you are, to develop star employees and retain them. You have to learn how different people intrinsically want to team with others. It is really invaluable when it comes to selecting, managing, motivating and most importantly, developing people to get to the summit of team coordination. In fact, you can make your team and entire organization more collaborative, resilient and productive by employing this simple yet extremely effective technique.

Applying Elements of Team Management:

You will have to keep all the above mentioned elements of team formation and management in mind if you want to create a result oriented and productive team. For instance, you can resolve most of the problems concerning your team by having very specific approach to serving team needs. This approach can particularly work best in sales teams.

Similarly, recruiting for specific roles, aligning job responsibilities to employees’ affinity for certain roles and improving job retaking practices can help you to dramatically improve the performance of your team.

Team managementConclusion:

According to a recent survey, every 7 employees out of 10 are actively disengaged from their job responsibilities. This naturally damages the interests of all stakeholders including the employee himself, other team members, his organization and the customers. It is also a fact that various programs for boosting employee’s morale, improving working conditions and providing amenities have failed to produce the results.

The solution to this problem lies in the understanding of how people team with others to solve problems and achieve common goals. As a team leader, you need to honor, respect and reward people not only for their good work but also for how motivated they are to team with others if you want to make your team your competitive advantage.

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