How to Reduce Workplace Stress & Improve Productivity

TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Model is an easy-to-use tool for learning about your behavioral preferences. It will help you understand why you find some relationships more productive than others. It will help you develop insight to your behavioral strengths and weaknesses. It will help you develop a way of communicating with others, knowing that behavioral Styles are not good or bad, just different. The Model stresses the value of diversity as a way to build upon your strengths and the strengths of others to develop productive relationships.

The SOCIAL STYLE Model, which you will use as a reference for looking at how you see yourself, is one of the most widely used and highly regarded behavioral models in use today. Originally developed in the 1960s by TRACOM Founder and Industrial Psychologist David W. Merrill, Ph.D., the SOCIAL STYLE Model is studied and used in corporations, governments, school systems and by individuals like yourself, not only in Canada and the United States, but also around the world. Millions of people have experienced some form of SOCIAL STYLE training or exposure. With just a little effort, you will be able to readily apply the SOCIAL STYLE concepts to any relationship. The results should prove rewarding.

Where Did Your Style Come From? If several of your friends or colleagues were to follow you around for a couple of days and record your behavior, you would see some interesting results. First of all, they would say that you engage in a wide range of different behaviors. Next, they would notice that you use some behaviors more than others; some a lot more. Why do you suppose this is the case?

Simply put, you use some behaviors more than others because they are the ones which make you most comfortable in relating to people. These behaviors became comfortable for you early in life. As you used them more often, they became your behavioral habits. It’s unlikely you will dramatically change these ways of responding to others.


SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility Work:
TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Profiles have been administered to millions of people over the past five decades. The SOCIAL STYLE Model undergoes continuous refinement and enhancement. It has been researched and developed for global applications, validating both SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility concepts worldwide. TRACOM’s research also includes surveying participants on their perception of the effectiveness of the SOCIAL STYLE training that they received.


As a result of SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility training, staff member program participants said that by applying SOCIAL STYLE:

  • They will be more effective when working with others — 88%
  • Conflict in workplace situations would improve — 74%
  • Workplace performance would improve — 71%
  • Difficult working relationships would improve — 75%

As a result of SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility training, managerial program participants said that by applying SOCIAL STYLE:

  • Workplace morale would improve — 76%
  • Communication breakdowns at work would improve — 79%
  • Conflict in workplace situations would improve — 76%
  • Workplace performance would improve — 76%

As a result of SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility training, salespeople reported that they:

  • Developed more positive relationships with customers — 92%
  • Increased the ability to gain ongoing sales — 79%
  • Have closed sales they otherwise might not have — 58%
  • Improved difficult working relationships — 75%

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