Leadership Lessons from Half-Court

What separates the top leaders from the rest? What are some essential keys to effective leadership?

Effective leaders have a clear vision of where they take their team or organization to. The leader must start with a vision to start the team. The leader must constantly seek feedback from his/hers team to help fulfill the vision. The journey for any organization has many challenges. Effective leaders surround themselves with excellent people who all have a slice of genius. The team must support each other to have the vision come to reality.

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The best leaders develop a culture where they are consistently building trust throughout the entire organization. If you want to lead people in any way, you need their trust. To build trust, effective leaders must always be putting in deposits into their team’s trust account. You must follow through with what you say and value each team member’s contribution to build the team’s trust account. Giving consistent feedback to each team member will continue to grow your trust account.

To create the edge, effective leaders must continue to grow themselves and provide an opportunity to others to grow as well. Top leaders are always trying to answer those 2 questions: What separates our organization from everyone else? What can we do to be the best in our industry?

Effective communication is essential for your success as a leader. Often we think of communication as talking to our team. Although that is important, all the successful leaders have discovered that the most effective leaders are terrific listeners first. There are many effective tips you can implement to develop your communication skills which are vital for building trust among your team.

One of the greatest traits of the best leaders is that they lead by example. If you expect your team members to continue to improve, then as a leader you must continue to improve. You must practice what you preach. If you believe your team should have integrity, you must live a life of integrity. If being on time is important to you, then you must always be on time. Effective leaders realize that they are always on stage and your team is watching you all the time. They also mindful of the people who are observing their every move and don’t do anything which tarnishes their reputation or damages their integrity. Leader

Lastly, effective leaders always leave a profit. What does Coach mean by leaving a profit? It is to have the philosophy that everything the leader touches turns to gold. In other words everything the leader touches gets better. In fact, the best legacy an effective leader can leave is to develop other leaders in his/her organization so when they leave, the organization will continue to thrive and even get better.

Finally, it is also pertinent to note that adversity is not a hurdle in achieving your goals but a challenge which they have to surmount. Great leaders use adversity as motivator to overcome the challenges which are part and parcel of modern businesses.

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