Offering Innovative Professional Development

Business executives, educational instructors and administrators, this is a session for you. We will learn how we can disseminate information effectively. This seminar is a comprehensive look at professional development in any occupational setting. The goal is to achieve results from the people who are developing professionally. We want professionals to develop, find the value in their development and ultimately become synergistic and innovative through professional development. We will examine what professional development looks like and who should seek professional development.

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We will also cover these concepts and answer these questions:

  • What does meaningful professional development look like?
  • Why professional development is important?
  • How do we deliver professional development?
  • Self-reflection is necessary so individuals can become more innovative.


There are many forms of professional development. We will also examine most ineffective forms of professional development. If a firm is going to spend money on professional development for their professionals, they must ensure that they are being fiscally prudent. Professionals and businesses alike do not want to waste time and money on all parties involved. What firms do not want to do is have their professionals feel a sense of boredom while they attend yet another meeting. That sentiment is sometimes the mockery of development systems. The goal is to have that professional actually want to attend and have an attitude that reflects their willingness to learn. That being stated, space needs to be provided for them to be able to practice what they have learned and have the freedom to innovate without pressure of failure. In this respect, failure may also be perceived as growth.


Professional development should be obviously informative and you must strive to make it the best possible scenario. All of the stakeholders want this process to be engaging and authentic. The ultimate goal is to have professional development feel like opportunity or a reward rather than punishment or a waste of time. How many of us go to meetings and we stay just to have someone show a YouTube Video or read an article to us when we feel that information could have been emailed? That is one way to disseminate information but there should be various forms and activities that make professional development authentic and engaging.

When professionals have various forms of development they are going to walk away with a more meaningful experience and ultimately their intrinsic motivation becomes greater. The goal is to turn professionals into good practitioners who go and create. When a professional is becoming innovative and beginning to create their own products and services they then in turn transmit this information to others; thereby creating a culture of productivity and innovation at their firm.

The goal is to help professionals learn enough in order to be more creative and innovative. We want that individual to head up new projects and become a driving force of progress. We then ultimately want those motivated professionals to in turn do this for colleagues in their organization. We want to breed innovation and foster the development of professionals.

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