Spread Wealth – Systems for Lasting Success

Thousands of inspiring entrepreneurs set up their own business every year with the lofty intentions of becoming global leaders in their respective industry over the time. However, most of these ventures fail miserably and very few of them manage to achieve the goals they set at the time of establishing their organizations. These entrepreneurs cannot deliver the goods because they fail to systemize their personal as well as professional life.  “Spread Wealth – System for Lasting Success” is one of the series of webinars by Melissa Evans who is a successful entrepreneur. In this webinar, she discloses secrets of achieving long term success and wealth both in your personal and professional life.

No System Means No Results:
Everyone is aware of the fact that he has to systemize all aspects of his life in order to succeed. Unfortunately, many people just do not pay attention to this important factor that can take their lives to ruins. If you have no effective system in place in your home or office, you cannot expect to achieve to desired results as well. The absence of any system will prevent you from working in an organized manner and as a result, you will not be able to control and coordinate with your relatives, colleagues and subordinates. Subsequently, it will become impossible for you to live a satisfied, happy and successful life you once dreamed of.

What actually is a System?
Different people define system differently but in general, a system can be referred to as;

  • An arrangement of many different parts and ideas working together to attain a common goal.
  • System is a way of organizing different things according to certain principles, ideas and requirements etc.
  • In other words, system is a simple method or plan to go about any business.

Types of Systems:
As discussed above, it is absolutely necessary for everyone especially business owners and leaders to systemize matters in their home and office. In this regard, following are some of the types of systems you can come across in your life.

  • Technology
  • Policy Manuals
  • Procedure Guides
  • Process Flow Charts
  • Scripts
  • Checklists

 What can You Systemize?
Now the important question arises that what can you actually systemize in order to attain the desired results. Following lines will answer this question in details.

What can you Systemize at Home?
There is no hard and fast rule as what you can systemize at home. As a matter of fact, you can systemize everything in your home from your eating and sleeping patterns to how to deal with your wife and kids. It is entirely up to you as how you can think you can systemize your home and make it a better place to live.

Systems and Delegations:
It is very important to use systems to delegate authority or power at work. Delegating some of your work is the most difficult part of any business as it is not easy to find suitable persons to carry out that work. You need to be very careful and active while delegating your works and this is exactly where you need to have a good system in place. For instance, you should have installed a proper and effective system to analyze the profiles of the people applying for certain jobs and then to shortlist those candidates that have potential to succeed. Following figure illustrates High Payoff Delegation Filter indicating what the cost of outsourcing your work is and whether certain outsourcing trends are unique or not.


Systems for Business:
Now, it is time to mention some of the most important things you can systemize in your business to get a definite competitive edge on your rivals and to considerably enhance your performance. In this regard, you need to pay special attention to the following aspects of your business.

  • Business Management Systems
  • Client Management Systems
  • Credibility Boosting Systems
  • Money Systems
  • Metric Systems
  • Follow Up Systems
  • Customer Service Systems
  • Newsletter Systems
  • Team Management System
  • Referral System
  • Prospecting and Lead Generation Systems
  • Growth Systems
  • Workflow Systems
  • New Business Development Systems
  • Internet Systems
  • Media and PR Systems
  • Sales and Lead Conversion Systems
  • KPI/Metrics and Reporting Systems

Systems for Success Formula:
Almost all of the companies introduce all of the above mentioned systems in their respective workplaces. SO, why do some companies achieve unprecedented success while others disappear into oblivion soon after they are launched? The basic difference between a successful and struggling business is that the later ones does not utilizes a proven formula to formulate such a system  that can guarantee them success. That composition of systems for success formula and vice versa is as under.

Dreams + Actions (Systems) = Results

  • Dreams:
    Let us take the example of weight loss campaign to explain what actually a dream is. The goal or dream of any obese person is to reduce weight and come back into shape. In case of any business, your dreams are your ultimate targets you want to achieve in the course of time.
  • Actions or Systems:
    As discussed above, system is a routine that is done every day and is easily repeatable to realize your dreams or attain your goals.
  • Results:
    If you are on weight loss mission, the desired results are obviously a slim tummy and increased energy. You will achieve this target through a workout system you repeat every day. Similarly, you need to have clear goals in mind, formulate a good system to attain those goals and finally, reap the benefits in the long run.

Attributes of a World Class CEO:
The world class or successful CEOs have some common attributes that distinguish them from others. Read some of these attributes given in the following lines and determine where you currently stand.

  • They quickly realize that they cannot accomplish the task alone.
  • They do not hesitate to invest in training and accountability.
  • They understand that they should hire right people and have processes and systems to enrich them.
  • They want to have systems that are fun so that the staff can work with diligence.
  • They are willing to offer a consistent RED carpet experience to their clients.

It is up to you to determine what your goals in life are. After setting your goals and targets, you must consistently try to attain those using systems. For that matter, you also need to learn more about systems and how they can make your life easy and fun. Similarly, you should be able to understand why it is important to delegate at both home and work and how it can benefit you. Finally, you must also be able to identify systems that you think are necessary to run your business successfully because if there is no system, there will be no results.

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