The Revolution will be Improvised

The world has changed a lot in the last decade or so thanks to massive technical development and problems like terrorism that has taken hold of most part of the known world. In the wake of all these issues, traditional methods to solve modern problems are ill equipped and people relying on them are unable to keep abreast with the fast moving world and the people who live in this world.

So, who and what will fill the gaps prevalent in governments, businesses and cultures across the globe? All we need to do is to challenge the conventional mindset and wisdom and start with making small bets. What all the successful entrepreneurs, actors, players, doctors, engineers and architects etc. have in common? All of them believe in taking smaller risks to achieve something bigger and better. We have to invent new approaches not for ourselves and our family but for the entire society.
Today’s world is the world of uncertainties and nobody is sure what is going to happen next. This phenomenon is most pronounced in business and entrepreneurial world. In recent years, many mega companies such as Nokia have become only a fringe player in their respective market simply because they were unable or unwilling to embrace latest changes in technology. On the other hand, there are companies who were virtually unknown at time but now they are ruling their industries simply because they were more than willing to take risks and formulate strategies that were in consistence with changes occurring and people’s demands.
As a matter of fact, relying on traditional industrial approach to solve business problems is not going to work any longer. Technological advances and globalisation have revolutionised business processes and procedures and therefore, we need different mindset and fresh approach to counter these problems. Business leader especially have to shake their stagnant minds and develop new economic models to stand any chance of success in extremely competitive business world.
There is nothing wrong in saying that entrepreneurs, senior executives and even employees need to denounce traditional working patterns and strategies which involve planning, execution and monitoring as main steps. Although, planning is necessary for the success of any project yet these people need to be creative and develop new ideas and methodologies to get work done. In fact, the world as whole needs a creative renaissance led by leaders who are creative, ready to take risks and think out of the box and most importantly, willing to embrace change in their organisations rather than resisting it.
Ignorance of latest changes occurring in business world or hesitance to embrace them has resulted in downfall of many industry giants and will surely result in demise of many others. Similarly, continuous use of traditional methods to tackle these changes has made the matters even worst for business leaders around the globe. Therefore, it is time for them to think differently, be creative and embrace change to make this world even better place to live instead of creating more problems for people.

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