Transforming Your Leadership Ability to Build World-Class Teams

It is often said that leaders are not born but prepared. Although, some people are born leaders but most of them learn from their life experiences and build on years of organizational science to be able to inform and inspire the teams and make leadership practical and accessible. A leader has to be polished and strong enough to be open and authentic to others to build a world class team and lead it to the success.

Leadership and the Social Intelligence:

There is nothing wrong in saying that people, especially leaders tend to be socially intelligent. They try to maintain an impression while meeting their clients or delivering a lecture to their followers. This approach might work when you are struggling in your career or trying to achieve a high status in the society but it might not yield results once you are an accomplished name in your field. Most people, no matter who they are and what their status is, want to see your real personality. They want to know what you are actually made of and have to offer. Therefore, it is very important to express your real self instead of showing your tempered version to people just to present yourself as a “true professional.”

Relate Yourself to People Surrounding You:

Most people occupying a leadership position in any organization try not to be original human beings. They start their leadership by trying to fix crazy people in their organizations but this is not the way to go. In fact, you have to learn how to improve yourself and take every member of your team as a unique individual. You need to relate greatly to every one of those if you want them to respect you and follow your orders wholeheartedly.

The Value of Thank You and Gratitude:

Thank you and gratitude seem to be very common words but in fact, they are the most powerful expressions when it comes to leading your team. When your team is doing a great work, you can win their hearts simply by giving a collective thank you or showing gratitude. Similarly, a good leader will always value things that his team members love. You should not behave like a commander but try to overcome your pride and be a team member yourself as it will compel your team members to take your orders and instructions seriously.

Connecting Recognition with Performance:

It is also a fact that leaders throughout the world reward their followers too little or too much regardless of their performance. Leaders or executives sometimes reward the employees quite heavily only for participating or doing certain duties even without analysing their performance. On the other hand, they need to connect reward and recognition with the performance in order to induce best out of them. In fact, they need to relate rewards not merely with meeting minimum standards but with excellence so that the employees don’t rest on their laurels and to encourage them to work even harder to excel in their respective jobs.

Concluding, a leader has to be authentic and express his real personality to its followers to win their respect. Similarly, he has to relate strongly to everyone around him, treat them individually and always recognize and rewards their efforts. This is how a he can become a great leader and transform average people to world class performers.

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